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Successful therapy is dependent upon, more than anything else, a strong connection between therapist and client that is based on integrity, respect, and trust. Psychotherapy is after all an intentional interpersonal relationship between an individual and a trained psychotherapist.

You may be currently looking for a psychotherapist for one overarching reason- you do not feel you are able to navigate life’s twists and turns to the degree you would like. Something is holding you back from really enjoying life to the full, and friends and family are not able to help you overcome these obstacles. This might be a result of depression, bereavement, addictions, feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, family conflict, abuse, and so on.

Whatever your motivation, if you find yourself in that place where you know that something must be done to help alleviate these difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours, then the next step is to contact me. From there we can set up a time to meet and decide if relational psychotherapy and, more specifically, my personal approach to psychotherapy is suited to your needs.