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Relational Psychotherapy

Relational psychotherapy draws on a number of theoretical paradigms- one of which is the psychodynamic approach, which is where my training began. The psychodynamic tradition encompasses both conscious and unconscious emotional issues. The focus is on exploring present responses to relationships, including the relationship with the therapist, and links this to the way the client has come to see the world and themselves.

Relational psychotherapy is founded on the belief that underpinning our sense of well being are satisfying mutual relationships. This form of therapy focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on current relationships and the underlying core beliefs that you may have about yourself and how you can be with others.

As your therapist I will encourage you, as you tell your story, to reflect on how you think and feel about yourself, and how relationships in both the present and the past have influenced this experience of self. As you begin to give voice to your thoughts, feelings and emotions I will be listening closely, attuned to your needs, responding with empathy and respect. I will also be working hard to see connections between the past and the present, your current relationships and past relationships, the way you feel now and the way you have felt in the past. In other words, I will be looking for patterns between these various elements that we might consider and examine together.